Photo: Daniel X. O'Neil

SRCCON 2018 • June 28 & 29 in MPLS Support OpenNews!

The SRCCON Program

SRCCON is a hands-on conference full of peer-led workshops—but the schedule is just where our program begins. Every attendee is also a participant who brings their own interests and experiences into sessions, emergent conversations, our evening activities, and gatherings built around SRCCON.

See what we have in store on the official schedule for SRCCON 2018.

Our Sessions

Sessions at SRCCON are highly collaborative, not a panel on a stage or a speaker running through slides. Facilitators give peers a chance to compare notes, share skills, and learn from each other. We encourage session leaders to think about activities and outcomes—what can attendees take home with them, and how will it change our work? SRCCON is a genuinely participatory event, so we look for sessions that include real interactivity and creative formats that support learning.

These sessions reflect the values of this community:

This part of the program is a mix of work-culture conversations that challenge us to make newsrooms better, and technical workshops that help us build new expertise. You can attend up to 8 sessions over the two days of SRCCON, from about 50 on this year’s schedule. Check out this year’s sessions.

We also provide live transcription for about half our sessions to help people who attend, participate remotely, or come back later to catch up. You can find transcipt links on our schedule or our transcription page.

Our Schedule

SRCCON is also organized around building connections between participants. We want you to be able to fully focus on taking part—not just in the sessions on the official schedule, but in all the great conversations in hallways and after hours that make an event memorable. So we build in generous breaks to let you chat or grab coffee or tea without feeling rushed getting to the next thing. We provide a full breakfast and lunch both days, with space to chill out or make plans with new friends. Dinner and our Thursday evening program are a chance to spend time with people in more relaxed space.

A schedule that’s too full doesn’t just wear you out, it leaves no room to connect with new people and ideas. We intentionally create space for you to explore the things you’re learning and find collaborators along the way. Here’s what our days look like:



Emergent Conversations

We love it when recent work sparks a great idea that travels with you to SRCCON, or a session sends you down just the right rabbit hole and you find yourself among kindred spirits. So we create space at SRCCON for topics beyond the ones on our schedule:

Our Evening Program

We know evenings at conferences can be tough, so we close the first day of SRCCON with dinner together and an opportunity to have fun, relax, and give our brains a chance to process the amazing sessions from earlier that day. We see Thursday as an opportunity to focus on the “life” side of the work/life balance, with:

Plus, of course, a huge spread of snacks and beverages. We do offer beer and wine Thursday night if you’d like one, but alcohol isn’t the focus and there are plenty of delicious non-alcoholic drinks to choose from too. Our snacks are as local as we can get—we love feeling a sense of place wherever we visit.

The Thursday evening program is built and run by attendees, so if you have an idea you’d like to pitch in, we’d love to hear it!