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Session Transcript:
Welcome to SRCCON

Session facilitator(s): OpenNews staff

Day & Time: Thursday, 9:30am

Room: Memorial

DAN: Hello! There are so many of you! Hi!

[ Applause ]

Welcome to the fifth anniversary of SRCCON!

[ Cheers & Applause ]

This is our biggest ever by a lot. I think we’re almost 100 people up from last year. So thank you all for being here, I hope you enjoyed breakfast. I’m Dan Sinker. I’m the soon-to-be former director of OpenNews. Welcome to SRCCON. How many of you are new to SRCCON this year? Raise your hand. Look at that! That it’s awesome!

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SRCCON is an opportunity to share and to learn and to take care of each other. This year, I think we need the latter, maybe, a little more than before. Working in news has not be the easiest job on earth lately. And if you feel anything like I do, you feel pretty raw, and pretty strict and pretty like, “Hey, what if this conference is, like, two days of laying on our faces on the floor?” It’s not that, but it is an opportunity to help each other recharge and to learn from each other, and to support each other.

This has been a tough year for everyone but I also think right at the start, it’s important to note that not each of us has experienced this year in the same way, and that not all of us have faced equal challenges. And so, keep that in mind in your interactions over the next couple of days, and remember, that we can’t take care of ourselves and we can’t take care of each other when we can’t be our full selves when we are here.

So remember that it’s important — and it’s on all of us to allow each of us to speak openly. You know, we can’t be here completely if we can’t see ourselves represented. We can’t be here completely if we don’t — if we’re constantly in a position where we have to explain who we are or why we are, or that we deserve to be here. So just remember that. Remember that each of us are here for a reason, and to really kind of embrace each other in that way.

And in a few minutes, we’ll ask you to introduce yourselves to one another and to ask each other how you’re doing. And I think that this year, maybe that phrase is less of a pleasantry, and really something more of meaning. I’m going to welcome some of my colleagues. They’re going to explain a little more on how to make the most of the next two days and then we’ll wrap up and send you to your first sessions. Welcome to SRCCON and now, Ryan Pitts.

RYAN: Hi, SRCCON. It’s really nice to see you all out here. Like Dan said, we want SRCCON to be a place where you can be here together. We want to be with the here around you and the sessions that you’re going to, and that can be difficult when you have to figure out the Wi-Fi, or the caffeine situation, or when you have to buzz from one place to another. So I’m going to tell you about the structure and help you really navigate them. So the first thing that I want to talk about is the badge that hopefully you picked up over there. If you flip it over, one of the things that you’ll see is your personal Wi-Fi login. You don’t have to ask your neighbor, “Hey, what’s the Wi-Fi?” You have a username and you have a password and you can log onto the Wi-Fi system there. There’s also a whole bunch of other information on like a map, and safety information. But just know that your badge is kind of your backup system to help you navigate the venue over the next couple of days.

The next thing that I’m going to talk about is the schedule. How many of you have seen You can call it up, and it can help you figure out what sessions are happening at one point. You can tap on them, and you can make your own custom session. It’s pretty lightweight. It’s help to help you there to figure out what you want to do here at SRCCON. What you might notice is that the it’s pretty open. We really want to structure our days for people being together. So that means leaving room for conversations. We have long breaks between sessions. They’re half hour. So if you’re in the middle of a conversation and you don’t want to get right up and get into the room you are in. That’s fine. Keep talking. The next session doesn’t start for a while. If you want to make some coffee or tea, he’s over there for that. If you want to check your email, there’s a nice break. You don’t have to run. There’s plenty of time. You might also notice we’re providing meals. We’ll have lunch and dinner. And there’s an evening program tonight that just lets us spend time together relaxing and doing some fun things. So the evening schedule is already filling up. You can check out what we’ll be doing this evening.

And then the last thing that I want to talk about is we want to make room for to build more of SRCCON while you’re here. A lot of that happens while you’re here. A lot of those are participatory sessions. I know that you’ll be presenting and building things together in these rooms. But there’s a few options around in this space because we’re excited to help you build more of SRCCON over the next few days. The first thing that I want to point out is the board in the back. Those are lunch sessions. That’s awesome. There’s World Cup soccer, and other things that people have signed up for. And so if you want to gather people to talk about something something you’re doing, or something you’re interested in, you can just grab the space, and have people come join you. We also have an activity board. I can’t see it, but hopefully you can see it. There’s sign-ups for Thursday, for Friday, and for the weekend. We love it when people love to get out and experience the city that we’re in. So if you’re in Minneapolis, and you have ideas for what to do, stick ‘em on the board, if you’re not from Minneapolis, and you have ideas, put those on the board. Just hang out and have a great time. We also have a jobs board. Some of you in this room are hiring. Some of you in this room are looking and we want you folks to meet. So you can put on the board if you’re offering jobs. If you’re looking for something specific there’s space on that board for you.

So please take advantage of that while you’re here. And then we talked a little bit about the evening program. There’s still room to help build the evening program. There’s open rooms if you want to propose a hobby session. Just get a hold of us, and we’ll get together and build more of SRCCON together. So that’s a little bit about the structure of the place to help you have an awesome time over the next couple of days. I’m going to hand it over to Lindsay and she’s going to talk about some of how we can share SRCCON with folks who aren’t here.

LINDSAY: Hello. I’m here to talk about documentation. Everyone’s favorite thing! Yes! Yes! We have a stenographers in selected sessions. They are amazing and you will notice them typing very quickly. They are only in selected sessions so you’ll see on your program, a little notation for those sessions. There should be, like, three at any given time. And those transcripts go to the world. So if your colleagues want to know what you’re doing, so you can ask them to please clue into those transcripts live. Along with that if you’re in a session with a stenographer and you don’t want something on the record, you just say, “Off the record.”

And then you say “on the record” when you’re done with that part. Again with privacy, we have these photo lanyards. So many of you have heard of the red death, green is okay to take for photos. Yellow is please ask, and red is no photos. Lastly is Source. It’s our community publication. I would love everybody to contribute. Write up a session. Find me. And you’ll be able to find those after SRCCON is over. And we have a hashtag. It’s #SRCCON. And I’m going to throw it over to Erik.

ERIK: Hello, first off, I want to welcome you to Minneapolis. This is where I live. This is my city and it’s really great to have all you all here. If you have any questions about the city, feel free to ask me. I’m always down for suggesting a something place to eat, or go baseball or whatever. Thank you for coming to Minneapolis. I’m just going to talk about safety your experience here while you’re at SRCCON. Our goal is to make sure that everybody is as happy, healthy, feel safe. The idea is that we want you to be able to participate as much as you can, and to be able to do that, we want to make sure that you’re not worried about any other questions. And like Ryan said, we have long breaks for you to sort of take that time to recharge. Also we’re going to keep you well fed. There’s food and snacks. Everything is going to be served back in that room where you had breakfast which is a little different from before. And I know you asked for dietary restrictions and things and those have been taken into account. There’ll be signage about what’s in everything. And if you had any questions or if you had a specific allergy, all you have to do is talk to one of the servers and they’ll tell you that. Like, I will go to a restaurant and pick you up something if that’s what needs to happen. So please make sure to let us know. It’s not a problem. We’ll take care of it. Along with that idea of feeling safe and welcome and is our code of conduct. It’s very integral to SRCCON and it has been with us since the very beginning. It’s a public code of conduct. You can see it on our website. And I believe when you registered, you had to kind of check to read it. If you didn’t read it, read it today. It’s very important.

And what it is is it’s a way for us to make sure that everybody feels respected, safe, and welcomed today there’s so many different people from different backgrounds. And a lot of people facing different challenges, and a lot of people coming from different newsrooms and jobs. And please keep that in mind while you’re having those conversations. It’s not necessarily about agreeing. It’s about being respectful. Take the time to listen and hear people speak. It’s really about how the participation is meant to go. So along with that code of conduct, there’s a safety team which is basically the same people you have seen and will seen talking here. There’s a hotline on the back of this. There’s somebody on call and ready to help all the way from now until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. That includes overnight if there’s a problem or something arises at 3:00 a.m., call the number, we’re here to help you. Somebody will be available to take care of that at all times.

There’s a map also on here. Ryan pointed it out. It’s really helpful. The space is simple. It takes a little getting used to. So by mid-day today, you’ll know exactly where everything is. I want to point out a couple things. In the second floor we have a quiet room and that’s exactly what that is. It’s a room if you have to take a but I know do some quiet work. If you want to do an interview, or video call, or phone call, that’s not for that. It’s down here. And it’s called Gateway, and if there’s work that you need to do, that’s a good space. There’s power, and chairs in there. Also in the second floor is the nursing room, and restrooms, we have and if you have a pump that you need to store, you can give it to us, and keep it in the office so you don’t have to lug it around all day. So that is all on the second floor.

Right back there we have two non-gendered bathrooms and also two traditionally-gendered bathrooms. We can’t change those. But we want to make sure you know that you know more than anyone — you know better than anyone which bathroom you need to use. So use the bathroom that you need to use. That’s all there is to it. And if you need anything at all, this entire time. You have the number, but also look for these people in these beautiful yellow — actually it’s called “banana cream” — so look for the people in the banana cream shirts or the turquoise shirts. We really want you to participate and talk about that to you. Now I’m going to bring up Erica to talk about contributions

ERIKA: Three of our advisory board members, Tim Dunn and Eric if you want to give a little wave so people know who you are. Hello.

[ Applause ]

We also had a community panel that helped us select the wonderful sessions that you’re going to be participating in over the next two days. So the community review panel would also like to wave so we can all give you a lot of thank you for looking over all the proposals. Excellent. And we have a batch of core sponsors who are financially supporting SRCCON and making it possible including Google News Initiative, the New York Times, WordPress VIP, and Facebook. So thanks to our core sponsors. Dan mentioned a little bit earlier that we were going to take a moment before we run off to sessions to chat and get to know each other. So this is that moment. You are what makes SRCCON great. So if you want to take a moment, say hi to someone. Maybe if you had a talk over breakfast. Ask them how they’re doing today. Have a minute for that.

[ Short Break ]

All right. Sorry to cut these chats short but I wanted to make sure that you have time to get to your sessions. So that’s a little taste of what your response is all about. You’re connecting with someone new, or whether if you’re connecting with someone you’ve known for a while. We have these two days to do that. Sessions start at 10:00. That’s in ten minutes. So if you want to conclude any of those conversations and head into the session rooms, we’re happy to kick off SRCCON. Thank you so much!